Essential Ruby

This book covers the most essential concepts in Ruby. The goal is to provide a solid foundation to build upon. This book distills my Ruby programming knowledge into a concise and easy-to-read format. Repetition is key to learning Ruby. We will visit the concepts from different angles. You will get the most benefit out of the book if you work through every example as you read through the book.

There are four sections in this book. Section 1 introduces the basic Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Section 2 covers the required concepts to understand Ruby. Section 3 provides the basics needed to learn the Ruby Object Model. Section 4 revisits OOP concepts required to clarify the reader's questions.

Each early chapters are as small as possible and focuses on explaining one concept at a time. Gradually the later chapters increase in complexity and introduce readers to subtle concepts. These subtle concepts are not discussed in any of the current books on Ruby. This book uses Ruby 2.3.0.

Intended Audience

This book is for experienced programmers of other languages as well as new programmers. Experienced programmers will learn how Ruby differs from other Object Oriented languages. New programmers will build a solid foundation for learning Ruby. Programmers familiar with Ruby will learn about some of the common misconceptions.

Programmers familiar with Ruby can jump into the following chapters:

  1. Message Passing
  2. Message Sender at the Top Level
  3. Same Sender and Receiver
  4. Private Methods
  5. Focus on Messages
  6. Modeling the Real World

Technical Reviewers

Jesus Castello, Michael Heinrich, Maciej Mensfeld, Csaba Nagy, Marko Ćilimković, Philip Hallstrom and Gaurab Paul

About the Author

Bala Paranj

Bala Paranj has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Wichita State University. He began working in the IT industry in 1996. He started his career as a Technical Support Engineer and then became a Web Developer using Perl, Java and Ruby.

He is available for freelance work. Please contact him at [email protected] or via Ruby Plus. He is also working on screencasts based on this book. If you want notification about the release, please contact him.

Image Credits Pixabay

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